How Do You Spell Mariachi....a Mexican Singer?


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That's it, you spelled it correctly. Ma-ree-ah-chee (trying to spell it how it sounds, in English).

It used to be thought that the word came from the French word for marriage -- Mariachis were the musicians who played at weddings. Mariachi was the name of the style of music that they played. But the pronunciation got corrupted in Mexico, several centuries ago, making "ma-ree-aj" into "Ma-ree-ah-chee".

Nowadays there's a rival theory that "Mariachi" is a corruption of a word in one of the native Mexican languages. It may refer to some of the types of wood that their instruments are made out of.

Whatever the origin of the word, it's one of the best of Mexican culture, loud, bright, bold and thoroughly Mexicano.
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I have always been told that "Mariachi" is a bastardization of the French word "Mariage," after their attempt to take over Mexico in the mid-19th century. The original mariachi bands played at weddings, and the name stuck.
Mariachi is a Northern Mexican folk music derived from German polka bands Mexicans heard in the 19th century. The rollicking rhythms and instruments (accordions, guitars, horns, fiddles, hand-held drums) are based in polka tradition.
The tight-fitting short jackets and pants decorated up the sides with buttons are a variation of German gentlemen's clothes. But the oversized cowboy hats are a purely Mexican touch.
Mariachi songs usually involve undying or unrequited love or the life of ranching. The music is part of the "norteno " tradition, and the wailing ballads tell of the loneliness of desert land "caballero" (cowboy) life.
Neither the music nor the lyrics of mariachi are written down. They are passed on from father to son as part of an oral tradition of a traditionally illiterate people..
Mariachi is played at every major event or festival in Mexico. At some restaurants in the north, roaming bands will play at your table for a fee.

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