What Album Is Elton John's Song Blessed On?


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The song blessed is from the album released in the year 1995 by Elton John, the album was titled 'Made in England'. Elton John dedicated this album to his boyfriend and future civil partner David Furnish. The album was released on the 21st of March in the year 1995. The album was produced by Greg penny and Elton John. All of the songs that were written on the album were written by Elton John and Bernie Taupin. The album comprised of 11 songs.

Blessed was the number 11 song on the album, it was the closing song of the album. The album reached 13th place on the Billboard 200 charts. Blessed along with the song Believe was one of the more popular songs of the album.
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Well I used to listen to the song " blessed" before I have my daughter , It was very hard to get our baby...the fact is that we adopted her.. I wanted to say that this song got me very very exited everytime I listened to it, It still makes me get exited, I love it..Elton put in words all the fellings I had about a song or daughter before she or he exists.
Daniel, from Argentina.

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