Chand Taro Me Nazar Aye Chehra Tera Which Movies Song? Read More: Chand Taro Me Nazar Aye Chehra Tera Which Album Song


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There seems to absolutely no information on the Internet about which movie this song is from; are you sure that you are thinking of the right song?

  • Chand Taro Me Nazar Aye Chehra Tera

Although there is no information about a movie, you can find out more about the song, and in fact if you have a look on You Tube there are quite a few videos of it being performed.

  • Udit Naravan and Shreya Ghosal

These are the names of the performers who produced the song, so if you are looking to buy it, at least you now know which artists to look for.

If you do want to buy it then the Internet is the perfect place for you to be able to find it, and at a reasonable cost.

  • Where to look

There are many sites that sell music, either as a CD or a DVD. If you type the name of the song into a search engine you will be given a variety of options of where to look.

Alternatively you go straightaway to the some of the big music sellers, such as HMV and see if they have it in stock. Another place to look is Amazon; they offer a huge range of music, and it is all at prices that are lower than you would normally find in the stores.

Another advantage of looking at a site like Amazon is that they allow private sellers to sell their items on here. This means that if something is no longer being produced, or out of print, in the case of a book, then you still may be able to get it.

There is also a facility on Amazon that allows buyers to declare what they are looking for should it not be listed when they first look. This means that should a private seller list what you are looking for, they will be informed so that they can offer it to you first,

Of course, another place to look for hard to find items is eBay.

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