Who Sings The Country Song "I Want To Know Everything About You"?


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"I want to know everything about you" are lyrics from the song Take Me There, by the American country music band, Rascal Flatts.

Take Me There is a single from Rascal Flatts fifth studio album,
Still Feels Good, released in 2007. 

The single went onto to fill the
number one spot on the Hot Country Songs Chart in September 2007, the first of two singles
from the album to hit number one. Take a look at the video:

Song Background

Written by American country music legend Kenny Chesney, the song was originally meant for his own personal recording. However he felt that it was too similar to his previous recordings and so came about the Rascal Flatts version.

Song Inspiration

Chesney's inspiration for the song was, as he mentioned in an interview with CMT:

"about meeting someone who still has their guard up from a previous
relationship or whatever it is. There's something inside of her that
she's not showing anybody, about what makes her tick, about what makes
her love, what makes her give, what makes her be who she is

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