Who Sings This Song 1234 Uno Dos Tres I Know Ya Want Me You Want Cha?


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The song you are referring to is named 'I know you want me (Calle Ocho),' and it is sung by the rapper Pitbull.

The song is part of his Rebelution album. The title of the song is named after Calle Ocho, a street in Miami near to where he grew up.

The song itself is a mix of lots of different songs, such as 'The Bomb!' by Buckethead and '75, Brazil Street' by Nicola Fasano. The core of the song is from Dominican rappers Omega and El Cata.

Pitbull, whose real name is Armando Christian PĂ©rez, was born in January 1981. He is an American rapper from Miami, Florida. Overall he has released 7 albums, the first of which was released in 2004.

The singer had a troubled upbringing as his mother kicked him out of the house at only 16 after he became a drug dealer. However he began to clear up his act as his career of a rapper began to take off.

He said that he chose his stage name because a pitbull is 'everything I am'. With reference to them being outlawed in Dale country, they are too stupid to lose, and they 'bite' to lock.

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