Where Can I Find Free, Printable Sheet Music For "White Horse" By Taylor Swift?


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It is very difficult to find free sheet music of any song currently published. The point of sheet music is indeed to allow the holder to play the song they know and love, however it is a tangible, textual version of the song. It has exactly the same copyright issues as downloading, or acquiring a song of any artist illegally (without paying for it).

If you want to buy the official transposed sheet music of Taylor Swift's song "White Horse".

However, some people have taken it upon themselves to arrange their own versions of Taylor Swift's "White Horse". It may not be exactly right, in terms of each individual note being where it should be, but it is basically the same.

There are many examples of people having arranged their own versions of the song. 
The meaning behind the song "White Horse" by Taylor Swift is a classic girl pop song lyrical story. Many teenage pop artists will write a song with lyrics and meanings almost identical to this, as it is a common theme among the younger generation.

The whole song is about a certain boy that the main character, the girl singing the song, really likes. We then assume, having heard this kind of story before, that the boy probably doesn't know about the girl's feelings, or maybe just doesn't feel the same way. Either way, the girl is convinced that the two would be perfect together.

The boy subsequently does something that turns the light on for the girl, making her realize that the boy isn't quite so knight-in-shining-armor. She then realizes that she's better than chasing after him. The boy then realizes he's been wrong all along, and comes begging for forgiveness from the girl, but to no avail. The line "not you or your white horse" highlights how something so perfect can actually be rather false underneath.
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I don't know if it's there, but try googling horsegirl15 she has a lot of FREE sheet music for songs like love story and other popular songs so try there =]
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I would try youtube. Like someone on here said that people send in videos everyday so I'm sure you will find what you are looking for
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Go to they have plenty of sheet music for all kinds of instruments

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