In What Ways Does TV Negatively Influence Family Life?


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A family may watch TV together, but this does not bring them closer together mentally, emotionally or spiritually. Many family members admit that they feel farther apart when they spend too much time viewing TV. There already is a communication gap in many families, and television can make it worse. Indeed, some even say that TV is the main cause of this gap in many homes.
Not only does watching TV take away time that could be spent in the normal give-and-take of family communication, but it makes it harder for some people to relate to others. Many people have trouble mobilizing themselves and dealing with real people after watching a few hours of television. It's hard to make that transition from watching television to a real relationship. This may be because there was no effort necessary while they were watching, and dealing with real people always requires a bit of effort. Imagine, then, how much harder it might be to do the same thing for a small child, particularly one who watches a lot of television every day.
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Television jumped into the homes, in different countries at different stages of national development. There is a combination of modernizing issues that influenced the way television is accommodated into families in societies around the globe.
In the west television is called chewing gum of the eyes. Elsewhere too, it has become the most popular, glamorous and acclaimed medium of entertainment. Today, it combines the best elements of broadcasting and spoken word communication with the potency of visual communication. No wonder that millions of people of all ages belonging to different ethnic groups glue to it.

Television is so terrible, and kids watch so much of it, that it's not surprising that there's been much sociological research on its effects. How much impact TV has on society depends on many factors: how much they watch, their age and personality, whether they watch alone or with family, and whether they talk with each other about what they see on TV.

Family lives are been damaged by the ruling character of TV in homes. People spent time on switching from one channel to another sparing time in chit chats with other family members. In my point of view television is making family bonding weaker and vulnerable.
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I appreciate what you feel television has done to the American family, but I think a worse threat is the computer and the internet. Here we are, using a machine to answer and ask questions of people we don't know, and probably don't care about them in any other way than to get an answer for a question, or answer one of their questions.
At least a family can watch television together, hopefully discuss what they're watching, but how many people can be on the keyboard at one time?
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my mollie i appreciate you approach which is indeed very true. people can only do VDO chat together otherwise PCs and Laptops are creating evern more isolation in the societies worldwide.
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More often people get dissolved in the characters of the plays. Being such they start to think as the characters do. One day they develop the qualities  of the characters displayed. In some cases the characters are of negative ones. Again, if they are merged into the characters of the good ones, whomever they can't walk with, find to be the bad ones, of the play. In both way they do the wrong things and hurt the innocents!
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As we all know that media has grown its' wings wider and its expanding itself so much, not knowing the fact that they are effecting normal human life in lots of ways. Watching TV together with the family is just so difficult that they don't even feel like sitting together and watching it. This creates a lot of difference between kids and parents. The children would surely want to watch something the parents wouldn't prefer; on the other hand the children wouldn't watch the shows their parents like.

This really creates a lot of gap. The children refer to the media life or take life more like it is shown on TV to them. Though it is not correct, but this new generation just wants to follow without thinking twice. It is also said that watching TV for a long time, it affects the human body physically and more over it also gives a disturbing behavior to the one relating to. It at times makes it difficult for them to relate and differentiate between real life relations.
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Of course TV has a lot of negative influence on today's people. People are constantly turning a blind-eye towards this fact. Life is NOT about sitting on the couch munching snacks with our eyes glued to the screen! Like anything, TV is good when balanced with other leisure activities.

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