Who Was Richard Trenton Chase?


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Richard Trenton Chase was an American serial killer, also known as the "Vampire Killer of Sacramento". Initially started with the drinking blood of the rabbits and ended with the serial killer of humans. Nobody knew on May 23, 1950 when he took birth that this kid would become so notorious one day! Childhood beating by his father and strict enforcement of rules in the family might have caused him subjected to the repressed anger, which is believed to be root cause of his abnormal behaviour. It is said that he never got a caring treatment at his childhood and soon became a drug addict. When at 10, he started killing the neighbourhood cats. Seeing the disorders, he had been treated for hypochondriac at one of the mental institutions but with out any long lasting effect.

Richard Trenton Chase first killed a human, Ambrose Griffin, 51, on December 29, 1977. Other victims of Chase are Theresa Wallin (22 years), Evelyn Miroth (38 years), Danny Meredith (51 years), Jason Miroth (6 years), and David Ferreira (March 24th, 1977, Twenty months). In all the cases of these murders, Chase had left enough evidences of cruelty and blood sucking occurrences.

Chase had evaded arrest until finally caught by the detectives from his apartment upon alarming by the neighbours. He had pleaded for not guilty but court ordered to die him in the San Quentin electric chair. But on December 26, 1980, he found dead due consuming overdose of his prescribed medicine.
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Richard Trenton Chase was born on the 23rd of May in the year 1950. He was basically an American serial killer who killed six people in the time of one month in California. He is also known as the Vampire of Sacramento as he used to drink the blood of his victims and eat their internal organs. He had a history of mental illness. When chase started accusing his mother of trying to poison him, his father bought an apartment for him and forced him to move out of the house. While in the apartment he was often high on drugs and alcohol. His roommates demanded him to move out but when he did not they moved instead. After that he used to capture wild animals and kill them in his apartment and eat them raw.

He began killing in the year 1977, when he killed his first victim in a drive by shooting. Then after a few weeks he entered the house of his second victim forcefully and killed her and later raped her body. He then cut her open and drank her blood and ate her organs. His third murder was a mass murder where he killed 2 adults a man and a girl and one small boy. He sexually raped the girls body after killing her and drank her blood and did the same to the man. He fled leaving perfect hand prints and foot prints in blood and was apprehended. On the 25th of December in the year 1980 he committed suicide in his cell at prison.
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I'm looking for more information on his childhood. It is said that his parents argued often and that he was abused by his mother. I need more on those points - any ideas?

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