Which Black Celebrities Died On The 25th Of The Month?


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Desmond Dekker (he died on the 25th).Michael Jackson- June 25,2009 Farrah Fawcett- June 25, 2009 mike tyson's daughter pheonix- may 25th, 2009 James Brown December 25, 2006 Lisa (Left Eye) Lopes-April 25, 2002 Aaliyah Haughton- August 25, 2001 Rodger from Zapp Band April 25,1999 static major (steven garrett) 25, feb 2008 roger troutman- april 25, 1999 would love to here the story behind that date....
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Aaliyah - august 25th 2001
left eye april 25th 2002
james brown - december 25th 2006
static major - february 25th 2008
michael jackson - june 25th 2009
eartha kitt- december 25th 2006
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Ok, I'll tell you

Aaliyah: August 25th,2001

Lisa"Left Eye" Lopes (Rapper of TLC): April 25th,2002

Michael Jackson: June 25th,2009

Static Major: February 25th, 2008

James Brown: December 25th 2006

Eartha Kitt: December 25th, 2006

(It's sooo sad how they died,I miss MJ, Liyah, Left Eye cause they were awesome and so were the others)

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