What's The Difference Between Old Songs And New Songs?


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Working out the difference between old songs and new songs might not be as easy as you think.

Music is constantly evolving, and even the most current music has been influenced by that of the past.

In my opinion, there are two main things that set old music and new music apart:

The difference between old and new music The most obvious thing that marks different eras of music is technology.

For example, when electric guitars first hit the scene, this advance gave birth to a whole range of new sounds and genres, from blues rock to heavy metal.

During the 1980s, the advent of the synthesizer gave rise to electronic music. Programmed drum-loops, keyboards and samples become a common part of this era's sound.

Nowadays, new music can easily be identified by the immaculate editing and engineering processes that we have at our disposition. Long-gone are the days of crackly gramophones and single-layer vocals.

What's so 'new' about new music? Content is another factor that sets music from a by-gone area apart. They say that art is reflective of the society that created it, and this is certainly true for music.

The lyrics of songs can tell us a lot about the way people of the time speak, what they aspire to, and how they live their lives.

Whilst it can be easy to see modern music as being over-saturated with below-par sounds, time has a way of filtering out the noise.

People often say that music of the past was of better quality, but every era has its Justin Biebers and Nicki Minajs. Whether they survive the test of time is a different story altogether!
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Old songs have a meaning and respect, and the new songs often degrade females and have a lot of cursing in it.
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Old songs tend to be old, and they are from an older period of time. Usually, they have been heard a lot of times because they are older - therefore making them old songs!

New songs, on the other hand, tend to be from a newer period of time.
New to the charts as opposed to them being old, hence the name "new song", because they are new!

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