Who Is The Singer Of The Song Cotton-eyed Joe?


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Charlie daniels band sings the cotton eyed joe. And others
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Hi there,

the most successful version, recently, was for the group Rednex in 1995. The song in their version reached N° 1 in the UK, Belgium, Holland, Austria, Norway, Germany, and many more in Europe.

first recordings were made around 1927.

there's a good wikipedia page on the song itself

!! A site that works around original versions - - has this :

Cotton Eyed Joe (trad.)
original : Dyke's Magic City Trio (1927 Brunswick)

The original Cotton Eyed Joe, the character this song was about, was
probably someone suffering from the ocular infection trachoma. It
became a dance routine (both among blacks and whites) shortly after the
American Civil War, which fuels another explanation for that cotton
eye: Take a "cotton to" (or liking to) another fellows' gal. John Dykes
learned it from a fiddler from Arizona (Kenner C. Karchtner) who picked
it up in Mississippi at the end of the 19th century from a man named

Some Cover versions : Carter Brothers (1927) , Fiddlin' John Carson
(1927) , Uncle Dave Macon (1928) , Pope's Arkansas Mountaineers (1928)
, Gid Tanner & The Skillet Lickers (1928) , Adolph Hofner & His
San Antonians (1941) , Bob Wills & His Texas Playboys (1946) , Josh
White (1956) , Bookmiller Shannon (1959) Alan Lomax recording, Mountain Ramblers (1959)
Nina Simone (1961) , Oscar Brand & The Tarriers (1962) , Chieftains
(1981) , Kinky Friedman (1982) , Doc & Merle Watson (1984) , Red
Clay Ramblers (1992) , Michelle Shocked (1992) , Rednex (1994) n°1 UK, NL & B, Smurfen (1995, Dutch translation as De Cowboy Van Smurfenland), Crazy Frog (2006)

The melody relates with Scottish song General Burgoyne's March (circa
1777), sang by the British army in the American colony. Alabama fiddler
George Cole sang it as Cotton Eyed Joe since 1900. Published in 1925 in
Dorothy Scarbrough's songbook On The Trail Of Negro Songs.

Mike Dennis.
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By golly, I just downloaded it this morning to play for my son on Utube.  Got to site and key in the name of the song, you will have tremendous results and a good giggle as one video is this guy with blond hair dancing to it
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I don't know who the heck sings it I'm so angry ugh
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If you google that it will bring up everyone who has covered that song. I just did and there's a few. There is also some free downloads of that song. Hope this helps.

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