Who Is The R&B Singer Joe Thomas Dating?


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Joe Thomas is not known to be regularly dating anyone at the moment.

There have been several internet rumors linking the R&B singer with different women (and there are even sites out there that suggest he's married!), but the truth is he's still single.

Is Joe Thomas in a relationship? Joe Thomas (also known simply as 'Joe') is an American R&B singer I'd describe is a less well-known Usher, or a less notorious R.Kelly.

Nevertheless, Joe has a large female following (partly down to his R&B ballads aimed at women).

During one particular interview, Joe revealed some rather poignant information about his love life that you might be interested in:

INTERVIEWER: OK, now you know that the biggest question is- are you dating, in a relationship? The ladies want to know... JOE: I’m in several. INTERVIEWER: I beg your pardon? JOE: I’m in several…

This answer suggests that Joe is currently seeing a number of women, none of whom he considers his official 'girlfriend'.

If you're interested in reading the whole interview, you can find it here.
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I heard Joe is dating a Japanese girl. 

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