Who's The Absolute Worst Singer That Became Big Time Famous Anyway?


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Doubt you know them since they are from the 60's but the name is  Tiny Tim and he sang the song tiptoe thru the tulips.

Modern was that chinese guy that sang cindy lauper's she bop  ( think the name was hon  or something like that
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NOPE!  It was Tiny Tim with his ukulele and his falsetto voice.  His most selling single was "Tiptoe Through The Tulips" and was on Johnny Carson several times among other talk show programs.
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And the survey says...Tiny Tim    ....Bingo     he is the official old timer, RIP, and Hannah Montana gets the modern day nod for worst singer.  But all the answers are great.  My question is answered,  Thanks!   PS.  Rose Ann Barr   gets the backup vote for her singing of the National anthem
That was the fat lady singing and the end of this reply!
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Has to be a group called the Hollywood Argyles -- real golden oldie from the 60's.  They sang a really dorky song called Alley-Oop (about a newspaper comic cave man), and the lead singer had a horrible voice and the song was awful.  I still wince if I hear it.
I know I'm going to hear about this, but another one that can't carry a tune is Tom Petty.
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I do not care for Hannah Montana but I know a lot of the younger kids do
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How about millie vanilli or something.  Her was only lip syncing and got caught.  And a gal named mary roach on american idol years ago.
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Jim Croce sang horrible songs like "Time in a Bottle" and the awful "Bad, Bad Leroy Brown" and became famous somehow in spite of it. I will never understand that...

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