Where Can I Watch Free Harry Potter Movies?


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Unless for some reason there is a specific deal on a particular movie, it is important to note that watching free movies of any type is in fact illegal. There are websites which offer such services but this is an offence and you can be fined or imprisoned for doing so - even if it is for sole use of the individual.

Due to the fact that this is an illegal activity, many websites which do offer movies for free may be a source of viruses which can permanently damage your computer. I would therefore not advise doing this. Occasionally, people will upload movies onto YouTube (although you have to watch them section by section), this is free and as it is a well-known, global site it is less likely to be a source of a virus. Although does offer a completely free, yet still illegal solution, whereby you search for a movie from a vast collection and they redirect you to a third party link which seems to work perfectly.

Alternatives to this are maybe a cheap subscription to a rental company, e.g. This particular site offers a free trial period which can be used without having to sign a permanent contract. Movies can be watched online, or you can be sent a DVD which you then send back to them when you are finished (this is freepost). When your free trial has ran out, you can watch movies for as little as £2 or £3.

Another good way is to trade in old DVDs at your local Blockbuster or similar store; this way you can effectively exchange your old DVDs for new ones. Such stores often offer second-hand DVDs for a largely reduced price; this will allow you to purchase a lot more for your money.
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there are lots just type in where can I watch free harry potter movies into any search bar and you'll pretty much be set
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Btjunkie is an excellent site to download free movies
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There are many online sites where you can watch movies or TV shows or music videos etc.Sometime they work and sometime they wont but you have to try because sometimes their server is busy.Top sites for this purpose are:

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