How Do I Post My Song To Advertise My Self For Free?


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A number of different avenues are available to people who wish to advertise their music for free. This can be achieved by using online services, or by writing articles for the local press, advertising your music.

Local newspapers are always on the lookout for articles to fill the spaces in their newspapers and will quite often allow people who have written a decent quality article for the newspaper, to place an advertisement for free. This will normally be underneath the article, so in effect this advertises your music twice, once with the article, once with the advertisement. The two most popular online sites to use when advertising your music are:

• MySpace
• YouTube

With MySpace, it is quite simple to create a page and to upload your music onto the site. This is then visible to anyone who accesses MySpace. It is important to list the music with a popular genre of music when creating the page, as this will get a decent amount of attention. Once the songs are on MySpace, they can be heard by anybody, and can be made available initially for free, although links can be placed onto the site to enable people to download the songs, thus giving you an income from the music.

YouTube is also free to use and not only can you upload a song to the site, but you can add images, or even video to the music. The music on YouTube can be watched by anybody who visits the site, and again it is important to make sure that any tags you place on the video are things that people will search for.

YouTube and MySpace have been responsible in the past for many singers being launched. The most recent, and perhaps the most successful of these examples is Justin Bieber, who placed a video of himself singing, onto YouTube, and was discovered by his now manager, Scooter Braun.

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