Who In The 70's Sings The Song Patches?


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Hi there,

there are at least two songs titled "Patches" who made the music charts long ago.

1) "Patches" (written by Barry Mann & Larry Kolber) was a hit for Dickey Lee in 1962

2) "Patches" (written by Norman Johnson & Ronald Dunbar) was recorded by the band "Chairmen of the Board" (with lead singer Norman Johnson) in 1969.
It was covered by Clarence Carter in 1970 ; Norman Johnson, under the name "General Johnson", made a solo cover in 1976 ; later on Jerry Reed also recorded it in 1981 ;
and George Jones teamed up with B.B. King in 1994.

Mike Dennis.
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That was Dickie Lee
thanked the writer.
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Dickie Lee hit the Top Ten in 1962, about a girl with that nickname.
Clarence Carter had a Top Ten in 1970 with a different song of that title, about growing up poor.

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