Where Can I Download Korean OST Songs?


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There are a number of sites that offer free and straightforward downloads of Korean music, and many of them host songs that feature in the soundtracks of popular Korean dramas. One suggested site is koreandramamv.blogspot.co.uk.

Read on for other suggested sites - and my personal Top 5 Korean drama songs!

Looking for a Korean Drama OST online?

Korean dramas have increased in popularity in recent times. With the advent of the internet, this form of Korean entertainment is now enjoyed all over the world, and has cult-like followings as far afield as South America and the Middle East.

On the back of the rising popularity of Korean dramas, the music that they feature now receives world-wide exposure, and is often just as well-loved as the TV shows themselves.

Some sites that I found really useful when looking for Korean drama OST downloads (as well as for lyrics and other information) are:

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What does OST mean?

OST is a term used to describe music that features in movies and television series. The acronym stands for Official Sound Track, and may be a useful term to type into search engines when looking for music from Korean dramas.

My 'Top 5' Korean drama songs

I've been watching Korean dramas for a number of years now and, apart from the gripping (although often slightly soppy) storylines, the things I find most addictive are the catchy theme songs and soundtracks that accompany my favorite Korean mini-series.

Here are my Top 5 Korean drama songs (I've tried not to let what I think about the individual shows themselves affect the selection process, so this is literally just about the music itself):
  • 'Bogoshipda' by Kim Bum Soo (Drama: Stairways to heaven)
  • 'Reason' by 4Men  (Drama: Secret Garden)
  • 'Calling out' by Luna & Krysta (Drama: Cinderella's Sister)
  • 'Wait for me' by Super Junior (Drama: Paradise Ranch)
  • 'My heart curses' by Kim Dong Wook (Drama: You're Beautiful)
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Here is a link from where you can download and watch Sassy Girls Official Sound track:

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