Is Justin Bieber Bisexual?


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No, Justin Bieber is not bisexual, he is in a relationship with a girl - the actress and singer Selena Gomez. The pair have been together since early 2011.

Justin Bieber's rise to fame Justin Bieber caught the attention of record label executives and fellow musician Usher after he posted numerous videos of himself singing and playing the guitar and piano on Youtube.

The videos received multiple hits, which resulted in the singer landing a record deal. The A & R man who signed Bieber up to the "Island/Def Jam" label said of the Youtube videos:

"He was doing something different. He was an attractive white kid singing very soulful R & B hits. That set him apart immediately from anyone in his range because no one was covering or singing these kind of records. But equally important was that you believed in these songs- it was real. And you wanted to hear more."

Becoming a celebrity Juston Bieber's YouTube videos - along with his debut release, the single "One Time" - shot the singer to stardom in 2009. Following this the teenager received copious amounts of media and fan attention.

Justin Bieber's romance

In February of 2011, Justin Bieber was seen attending the Vanity Fair Oscar Party with fellow teenage celebrity Selena Gomez, confirming speculation about a romantic relationship between the pair.

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I don't think he is but I'm still not sure who's spreading the rumors or whether he is telling the truth.
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No, Justin Bieber is completely straight. All the things people have said are rumors. He addressed them in an interview not too long ago.
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I think justin bieber iz hot and I think hes staight not bisexual or gay.STAIGHT
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Lol my friend just asked me if he was bi.
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I think people are just jealous because he's famous, but Justin is not Bi!!! But I am, hehe :)

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