Who Was Featured In Cocoon And The Scream Movies?


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A quick and easy way to find a summary, reviews and cast listing of any movie or tv program is to type the name of the movie followed by imdb into the url/address box at the top of your browser page.

To help you out here's the page for Cocoon (1)   Among the main characters in the first Cocoon movie were Brian Dennehy, Tahnee Welch and Steve Guttenberg.

Scream (1)     Main characters in the first Scream movie were played by David Arquette, Neve Campbell and Courtenay Cox

IMDB - brilliant site - we use it daily to look up cast members and plot summaries before deciding what to watch on TV!
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Scream 4 came out 2011 apriel 15.i couldn"t watch it,but my friends said it was a good movie,they dont lie,so i believe them

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