Where To Buy A Beatport Music Gift Card?


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Right now it is not possible to purchase a Beatport Music Gift Card. According to the Beatport site they have suspended this option temporarily. The process is going to be reworked in order to provide a better solution for their users. Beatport has suggested that those who want to use a gift card on Beatport should buy one from Visa or MasterCard. Both of these credit card gift cards will work on the Beatport site. These gift cards can also be purchased at local stores such as markets, banks, and online.

You can visit the Visa or MasterCard website to pay for and load a gift card. Once you purchase one of these gift cards it can be used by going to the Beatport website and selecting redeem a gift card. Under the redemption area the site will prompt you for a number and then allow the user into the Beatport site to listen to music.

The site did not say how long it would take for the Beatport Music gift card to return. However, other sites asking this similar question have seen this question since 2006. It seems that Beatport has yet to fix the issue and it is a long standing one. It may mean that the only way to use a gift card on the site in the nearest of futures will remain the Visa and MasterCard option.

For further details, knowledgebase.beatport.com will provide you with the answer, as well as links to the Visa and MasterCard sites. It is also possible to contact Beatport directly to see when they believe they may re-open the possibility of Beatport Music Gift Cards. Until the site changes their answer it is best to assume the gift cards are not available as it is also not listed under products on the site.
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I'm sure it sells in stores. It depends on the store you are going to. Some stores have a lot of a variety of gift cards. Some stores don't have a lot and they just have none or a little. I think it is best to go to the website or Yahoo! Or Google up the name of the gift card if you don't know the website. Good lick on that!

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