Who Sang The Original 'Unchained Melody'?


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The legendary romantic song Unchained Melody was written by William Stirrat better known as Hy Zaret in 1936 to express his feelings about a girl he knew; the song was recorded in 1955 for a movie entitled Unchained with music by Alex North and sung by Al Hibbler an American singer; in the same year as many as three recordings of the sing were done in the US with another two taking place in the UK.

Les Baxter whose recording and release of the song coincided with that of Hibler's became the first artist to elevate the song to the number 1 position when it topped the US charts in 1955. The other US artists who recorded the song that year were Roy Hamilton who reached number 6 and June Valli who reached number 29 while Hibbler's version was placed at number 3 on the US charts.

In the UK artists Jimmy Young and Liberace recorded separate versions of the song with Young going all the way to the top while Liberace was placed at number 20. The most famous version of the song was recorded by the Righteous Brothers in 1965 and was used in the movie Ghost in 1990.
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Hi there,

there's some confusion.   The song is from a movie called "Unchained" ('55). In the movie the song is done by Todd Duncan.  But on a - commercial - record,  the first sung version was by Al Hibbler;
The success of the song was one of the instrumental versions in the movie by Les Baxter (a N° 1 on the US charts).

Mike Dennis.
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The righteous brothers...I think I spelled that wrong but hey...they were great
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