Is there really going to be an Angry Birds movie?


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There really is to be a movie based on Angry Birds. Plans are afoot to bring this massively popular (and arguably time-wasting) game to the big screen.

Makers Rovio have enlisted some Hollywood big guns to help them in their quest, including recent recruit David Maisel, the chairman of Marvel Studios who produced Iron Man. This has led many to believe that, while the film may be based on the game, the result may not be Angry Birds as we know it.

Since the game's release back in 2009, over 400 million people worldwide have downloaded or played the game and its many variants.

Rooster Teeth have already produced a series of short live action films, taking their own spin on the gaming franchise (which can be found here), but the latest plans are to take the franchise to a full-length run, with Rovio producing a series of short videos promoting the film to be released next year.

Rovio are trying to amass over 1 billion fans, and are one of the gaming world's most famous success stories.

For more on the story, see the ITN News report below. Enjoy!

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Hahahaha if there is I will go see it and give a review.
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In my opinion, that is STUPID!
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Kiana Harrison
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Thank you! I've actually played Angry Birds, and it not as great as everyone says it is.
Anonymoose Anonymoose
Like angry birds but a movie..... FAIL.
ANd the new pokemon movie might be in cinemas december :L
Kiana Harrison
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Oh. Yeah the one with Victini. I don't really watch the movies. There is gonna be a Wi-Fi event for a lv.50 Victini and it's for that movie. It starts on December 3 and ends the 31.
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I think there is going to be one sometime in 2012 ...or 2013
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They made Rio a part of a free version of angry birds just to gain more fans. Instead of attacking pigs you freed the caged birds. Nothing special in my opinion, except for the fact that its free.
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No, I don't think Rio was part of Angry Birds at all.  They don't make movies like they used to anymore.  I think Hollywood is running out of steam after so many years.  MOST TV shows are crap today. Not much to watch anymore.

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