Which Is The Only X-Rated Film To Win An Oscar?


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The film Midnight Cowboy is the only X-rated movie to win an Oscar (also known as an Academy Award).

The picture was released in 1971 and was based on a novel written by James Leo Herilhy.

Oscar winning X-rated movie

Despite its X-rating, Midnight Cowboy was successful in the following categories:

  • Best director
  • Best picture
  • Best adapted screenplay
Prior to Midnight Cowboy's release, it was almost unheard-of for an X-rated movie to perform well at the Oscars.

In fact, the only other movie to be rated X and still succeed at the Oscars was the 1971 release A Clockwork Orange (directed by Stanley Kubrick).

Midnight Cowboy was close to bringing in even more awards, with both Jon Voight and Dustin Hoffman receiving Best Actor nominations, and Sylvia Miles as Best Supporting Actress.

Midnight Cowboy rating

The fact that the movie received an X-rating met with some criticism at the time of its release. It certainly hampered the box office success of the film, and in 1971 the film was reissued as an R-rated movie despite no scenes being cut or edited from the original.

Although the film follows the life and exploits of a male prostitute, the sex scenes are actually rather tame.

The film went on to receive wide-spread recognition, including 6 BAFTA awards - and was recognised by the Library of Congress through its inclusion in the National Film Registry.
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This is 'Midnight Cowboy', which received an 'X' certificate on its release in 1969 (i.e. Only people aged 18 and over were allowed to see it).

This was changed to an 'R' (16 and over) in 1971, as the 'X' rating was having an impact on the film's success.

Many distributors refused to show any 'X' films at all, since the rating was associated mostly with porn.

'Midnight Cowboy' is clearly not pornographic, and its sexual content (the plot follows the story of a male prostitute) would be considered mild today.

'Midnight Cowboy' won the Best Picture, Best Director (for John Schlesinger) and Best Adapted Screenplay at the Academy Awards in 1969, as well as nominations for its leading actors Dustin Hoffman and Jon Voight, and supporting actress Sylvia Miles.

It is still the only X-rated film ever to have been officially shown to a serving US President.
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Will is correct, Midnight cowboy. Of course the X rating no longer applies.

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