What Are The Effects Of Movies On Youths?


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sarah brown answered
The effects for youths are not the same as adults. First of all it depends on what type of movie it is. If it is a horror your movie your child could be scared by that certain thing the rest of there lives. If its a love movie well... Lets just say they could copy off that movie instantly. The beat movies for kids are safe non violent funny movies.
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Mary Frederick answered
The effects of movies on youth would generally be minimal, however when one adds specific types of movies to this question then it becomes a different and significant issue.

The degree of the effects will be related to the age, sex, maturity, familly lifestyle and emotional, social and psychological state of an individual youth, or even a group of youths viewing a specific movie.

The movie industry and Christian adults have created a movie code for parents, youth and other adults with the intent to forewarn of the dangers in particular movie for youth.

Ratings such as G-general public, PG-some precautions regarding content, R- restricted to anyone under the age of 18.

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