Does Anyone Here Love Goodwill Stores As Much As Me?


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Mouse or Nette answered
I have several favorite thrift stores My best goodwill find (thats tough)  one good find was around christmas I found one of those standing animated Elves.. That you plug in and the head and arms move.. I found a really pretty gold Bangle bracelet once.. Ya never know what you'll find. Thats what makes it fun ;)
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Valentina Villa answered
I love the goodwill!! The best thing i found was an iphone!!!! It was $80 and i bought it. When i got home i put new batteries in it and walla it worked!! I still have it. And i also bought these cool pare of pajamas. They glow in the dark!!
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I love the vintage skirts boho, and 70's style, huge bells, but my best find ever at goodwill were these awesome knee high boots they're kinda like moccasins and they are beyond belief comfortable. :)
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My sister hates me for shopping at Goodwill lol cause I always find the cutest things there and sometimes they still have tags from expensive stores on them. My best find had to be an expensive corset from Fredricks with tags still on it.

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