Does Anyone Like Country Music As Much As I Do?


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I like country music too best.  I am not into it as much as you I am sure.  I like to listen to it.  I have been to a few concerts.  I like other music too but country best.  I like pretty much all singers and groups of whom sings country.  Yet, I am not sure of Jessica Simpsons new album going country I am not sure is her thing.  Have you been to many concerts?
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Grandma Pugh
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I like country music like Conway Twitty "Hello Darlin" I saw him in person and nearly melted in my seat. There is a new heavy metal band (I don't usually like HM) but this band has some pretty good lyrics. Alcatraz was popular in the 80's and is being revised again. The new singer is Tommy Fields from Ca. And is great.
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I like country, but I like the older country music better than todays, there are some out there that I like alot today!
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No, I honestly don't like it at all.
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No i dont like it
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I LOVE Country Music! All of it.. The old ,the new.. And the stuff waiting to be discovered!

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