Does Music Soothe The Soul?


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Yes, music can soothe the soul.
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It can.  Of course, it depends on
what kind of music and what kind of
'soothing' a person's looking for.
My terms are probably way behind
on usage, but if someone needs to chill out,
that might take on kind of music.  To get
in their groove, might mean something up beat.
Jittery or restless, a totally different kind.
Some use music to easy/dull pain.   I used
to have killer headaches (called 'mixed' because
there was no one thing that would cause them.
With migraines, it's the sudden shrinking and
opening of blood vessels in the brain.  
Caffergot is often use to slow both down
and ease or even get rid of pain) and to help
me get over them, I listened (believe it or not),
to drum rhythms.  My drums and a dark
room was all I needed in order to feel better.
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You and your daughter experienced the miracle of birth and you are an "Agnostic?" How sad, and no soul for music to soothe,
Jewelly A. Shetka
Sweetheart, I think you have mistaken me for someone else.
I've never given birth. I've never even been pregnant.
The woman in the picture with me is my sister.

And my soul is as good as yours or anyone else's
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Some genres. Not all of them, though.
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Some music can, that's how we get entertained.
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Hi Keith,

Depending on the type of music it can for sure soothe the soul. They have actually done studies that show music with 60 beats per minute or less has a relaxing effect on the mind.

All the best!
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Some music can soothe the soul. I have a whole playlist that helps when things get too hectic. My personal favorite, the soundtrack from Jonathan Livingston Seagull.
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I think it does soothe the soul. I think that everyone in this world can find at least one song they can relate to with every mood. (happy, sad, angry) I think this helps people out and soothes the soul!! =)
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Certain music certainly calms my soul, other just irritates me or causes me unrest.  Sorry, youngsters, I can't tolerate rap, I'm just too old to enjoy it.  But, being different and enjoying different things is what makes the world go round.  How boring if we all liked the same thing!
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Music definitely does soothe my soul. I like the Blues, jazz...Aaron Neville, Dolly Parton, George Strait and of course, Toby Keith, my one and only!!
I don't listen to music much.....when I am sad which is rare, it lifts me up like gospel music. When I listen to Lee Greenwood sing God Bless America, I cry. Music has a very sound effect on me.
I also like to listen to piano music.
Oh yea and rap really irritates me.
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EveryTime I Am Angry Or  Or Someone Close To Me Dies.. I Get Out A Cd And Listen To It And Write.. Cept I Can't Deal With Rap Or Hip Hop.. I Like My Josh Groban Cds When I Am Sad And My Keith Urban Or Darren Hayes When i Am Angry  . A Cd For Every Mood I Am  In. I'd Rather Work Out Feelings With Music And Writing Than Yell At Someone. But Everyone Does Their Own Thing
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YES, 'MUSIC HATH CHARMS TO SOOTHE THE SAVAGE BREAST."  Just remember one small thing Atheist Blurters, you ain't got no souls, so I have no idea what it charms on you. Oh, maybe it's your epiglottis.
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The power of music to affect the body and the mind is well known. It can soothe, inflame, and even teach. Whether a soul even exists is a matter of faith.
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Absolutely does !! I've used music to calm me down of almost every genre. I've played slow music, & fast, loud drum-beating music, and it all does the same thing for me. I personally, could not live without it. Thanks for the question keithold.
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If its the particular music they enjoy then yes, it has great power to soothe what bothers us or just relaxes us.
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It depends on the message contained within the probably about 90% of music today does not soothe the "soul".
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Sometimes it does. But it can also make you mad. All the stations, and not one good song on. Its very annoying. HaHa... I have listen to songs that I usually love, but on bad days its just best to keep the radio off.
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Yes it do soothe the soul depending on what kind of music you are listening.

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