Who Is The Weirdest Celeb In The World?!


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As long as you're not looking for movie or song credits I would say the pope. What's with all the costumes and different hats? Has just as elaborate of a house as any Hollywood celeb could hope for and he says he talks to invisible beings  - if this was anybody in California they would be on every magazine and gossip show
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I don't know her name,but she married  billionaire,and has had millions of dollars of cosmetic surgery.
She looks like an alien,i'm serious,absolutely horrible.
She is on UK tv a lot,moaning that she hasn't enough millions to keep her in the way she has become accustomed to.Weird isn't the word for her.
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Charlotte white lol
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The moron formerly known as Prince is probably the biggest fruit loop celeb but only cause Pervy Jackson (aka. Micheal Jackson) died. He was the reigning champion for wierd but now that he is gone Prince takes it followed closely by the scientology freak Tom Cruise.

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