Is there any song you can relate right now? That you think the the person is singing out out your situation?


14 Answers

Jack Milligan Profile
Jack Milligan answered
I Will Not Bow- Breaking Benjamin.
Evan Endrise Profile
Evan Endrise answered
Falling in love by falling up
stephen harris Profile
stephen harris answered
Are you gonna kiss me or not-by thompson square
Kayla McDougle Profile
Kayla McDougle answered
The Story Of Us by Taylor Swift. And Born For This by Paramore
Maxine Chan Profile
Maxine Chan answered
Born this way by lady gaga and s and m by rihanna. I do love sex in a painful manner and yes i was born this way and i can not change. Either take it or leave it.
kevin cortez Profile
kevin cortez answered
Yeah dear like eminems i need a doctor track,pursuit of happiness,still stand ,t.i and lots more got something i common i guess

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