Who was Atz Kilcher's fist wife?


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Atz Kilcher was married to Lenedra J. Carroll, who is the mother of Atz's three children - Jewel, Atz Lee Kilcher and Shane Kilcher. They divorced in 1982.

Lenedra managed daughter Jewel's music career for some time, but Jewel signed a new deal with Irving Azoff, who has managed the Eagles, amongst others. Lenedra now manages the charity work that Jewel is involved with and has also written a book entitled The Architecture of All Abundance: Seven Foundations to Prosperity.

However, Lenedra is a singer herself and has released two albums 'Daybreak Song' and 'Beyond Words'.

Atz and Lenedra were Mormons, but Atz was excommunicated for having an affair and child out of wedlock.

Atz is now married to Bonnie Dupree, who has two children of her own. It is said that she lived with her former husband in a teepee before hearing of Atz and his family and travelling to meet them - it seems she never looked back!

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