Who was otto kilcher's first wife?


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Otto Kilcher has had three wives in total, Charlotte being his third of course. Otto's first wife was Olga Von Zegasar.

  • Olga Von Zegasar
  • Sharon McKemie

Otto and Sharon had two children together, Elvin Charles Kilcher and Levi Farenorth Kilcher.

This information is from from which I took the screenshot below

Otto Kilcher is worth an estimated $4 and his fortune was made as a machinist and master mechanic.

He started by picking up broken machinery which he would then repair. This resulted in hundreds of items of equipment which he and the other people who work with him on the homestead use daily.

Otto is a very busy man as he still runs the ranch, and also runs a boat transportation service as well as sitting on the council for weed management.

It's good to know that he made his money without the need of the TV programme, I admire people like him.

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