Who was Otto Kilcher's first wife?


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I had to dig REALLY deep to find out who was otto kilcher's first wife.

Otto Kilcher is the star of a Discovery Channel reality TV show portraying a self-sufficient family living in the Alaskan wilderness. However, I get the feeling that the limelight has meant that the family's past has been airbrushed a little.

Otto Kilcher first wife

I say this because, if you look for any information about who Otto Kilcher's first wife was, you hit a brick wall!

Who was Otto Kilcher's first wife?

In the end, I managed to track down this record which shows that, before his mariage to Charlotte, Otto (who was actually born Edwin Otto Kilcher) was married to:

Otto Kilcher FIrst Wife

  • Olga Von Zegasar
  • Sharon McKemie

As for what happened to Otto Kilcher's previous wives, there is absolutely no evidence online. 

The truth about Otto Kiclher's wives

I'm sure nothing sinister happened, but  I also believe the Discovery Channel has done a good job of keeping the family's dirty laundry out of the public eye.

Maybe it has something to do with the fact that Otto Kilcher is now worth $4million dollars!

Not bad for a guy who grows his own vegetables.

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