Is Fury the sequel to Inglorious Bastards?


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Lynn Blakeman answered
No, Fury isn't the sequel to Inglorious Bastards though you are not
alone in thinking that. The confusion has stemmed from Brad Pitt playing
a similar part.

It seems that Fury is nothing like Inglorious
Bastards so if you decide to watch Fury, put all thoughts of Inglorious
Bastards out of your mind and you will enjoy it more.

Fury is the
story of a tank patrol who travel around fighting Nazi forces.  A
change takes place when a new driver joins the group and experiences
war, and the horrors that accompany it, for the first time.

Obviously Brad Pitt stars in the movie but there are a number of other stars featured too including Michael Penza, Shia LaBeouf,  Logan Lerman, Scott Eastwood and Jon Bernthal.

It promises to be a good war film with many battle scenes and tank wars so it
should be intense and gripping. The trailer is below for you to decide
if the movie is for you.

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