What movie scene still makes you want to cry?


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The first Disney version of The Incredible Journey.  When everyone thought old Bodger didn't make it, then Luath and Tao go running back to finish the journey together--- gets me every time.  :*)

The remake with voices speaking for the animals lost that heart, IMO.

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The scene in The Land Before Time where Littlefoot's
mother dies. It gets me every time! I was watching it not long ago, and it
upsets me more now than it did when I was little :(

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It's an old old movie, It's called the The Fighting Sullivans.

 (Brothers) 😳😳😳😳😳.

Read Wikipedia.

The scenes in Avatar when the humans from Earth willfully and maliciously destroy Pandora's home and pull/dig up their magnificent and majestic old home living tree🌳.  

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When A Man Loves A Woman.  Andy Garcia (be still my beating heart) has to say good bye to his little girls as he and his wife are splitting up.  That interaction gets me EVERY TIME. 

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When Cooper promised his daughter to get back as quick as possible, they go to another discovered planets to check out for life as the mission, there's the law of time. The relativity. A problem comes through. They stuck longer than predicted. They make it back whatsoever, his teenage daughter became an adult, his son having a son himself and many moments that he missed in like 20 minutes for him but many years for people on earth. The moment he starts to watch the videos sent by his children all these years (from earth's round) the scene still shakes me and bring tears to my eyes.

And Hans Zimmer is one damn magical man! With that soundtrack in the background, it rips off my emotions!

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Dumbo. As a child, I normally like the Disney movies and I could watch those multiple times. This one I cannot. The only word that comes to mind on this movie is bullying. It was so pervasive in this movie that I could not stand to watch this. It just goes on and on. So I watched this again in the past few years and my stance has not changed. It's a terrible movie that shows the bullying but doesn't give a good outcome.

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