Do you play any instruments? I play guitar c: (that's why I chose a guy holding a guitar for my photo lol)


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Ancient Hippy answered

I used to play a little guitar and a lot of piano until I cut off my middle finger of my right hand. After it was reattached, I lost just enough movement and strength in the finger that it was just too difficult to play either instrument any longer.

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Anna Levi answered

I don't, but I would love to learn harmonica and play rock and metal covers :)

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Lard Ass answered

I play several instruments....started on flute....piccolo, went to tuba and baritone, I can play an instrument given some time with's something that's always come easily for me. One instrument I've never tried but have always loved, is the French horn.

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and I was trying to learn to play guitar lol

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Ms Mm answered

I can play a flute, electric guitar, keyboard and ocarina.

edit: oh but I love the ocarina the most. It has such a soothing feeling when I play it

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Austin Jones answered

i can play the tuba and bratone

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