Where Can I Download New Released Movies?


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Try RapeTheWeb.com. It doesn't allow you to "download" the movie but it has many new released movies to stream. Have you also tried iTunes or any software from Apple. LimeWire is another good option but the movie quality isn't as good as other leading brands. Hope this helps!
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You can go to slyfoxtv.com or go to watchtvsitcoms.com.  They have all the latest releases that are still in the theater.  If you need more sites after this let me know and I have a longer list.  Good luck...I hope you find what  you are looking for.
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You can download the new released movies in a site with out any registration cost.

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You can learn how to download all the movies and tv series you have ever wanted to at this website, they have a great tutorial for bit torrent. You definately will find what you want on bit torrent. www.takingmovies.com If you have the patience to learn then you can try their IRC tutorial, but that is much more advanced. Stick to the Bit torrent tutorial and avoid websites at all cost, viruses and spyware.  So to learn how to download free movies go to www.takingmovies.com

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