Did Marilyn Monroe Have Cosmetic Surgery To Make Her Look So Beautiful?


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Marilyn Monroe was a very well-known and well-like American movie star. She was born as Norma Jean Baker in 1926 and passed away suddenly in 1962.

In pictures, she always appeared to be a beautiful blonde woman with a perfect smile and a perfect body. However, not all of this beauty was natural.

She originally had natural, mid-brown hair, which she later bleached with hydrogen peroxide. In addition, she work very hard to lose quite a few pounds, had several operations on her nose and chin. She even changed her hairline surgically. The perfect shape of her breast was altered by rubber inserts inside of her bra. In addition, both her voice and gestures were also changed in order to suit Hollywood and promote her beautiful image.

In conclusion, Marilyn Monroe did have cosmetic surgery to alter her body in many ways. This is how she became the beautiful icon that American loved.

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