How Did Marilyn Monroe Die?


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Marilyn Monroe died on the 4th of August 1962, at the age of 36, from an overdose of barbiturates: Nembutal and Chloral hydrate. These drugs were regularly prescribed for insomnia during the 1960's. Her death was recorded as a suicide.

Since Marilyn Monroe was widely regarded as an icon, her death was hard for many to accept. This has led to a number of conspiracy theories which attempt to explain her death.

The three main theories are:
1. She took an accidental overdose. This would mean that she had not meant to commit suicide, but had died by accident.
2. She had been given an accidental overdose by her housekeeper/assistant who often gave her an enema with the drugs, so that they quickly went into her bloodstream.
3. Murder by 'someone else' who had deliberately given her the overdose. Subjects of suspicion include JF Kennedy, Robert Kennedy and Sam Giancona.
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Actual with the appearance of 5 different death certificates as well as the coroner saying that her body had been picked up and then returned to the home and "found later by the house keeper we may never really know how she died.
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Surely with the technical and dna facts we must be able to find the truth by now after reading for over 7 yrs I think that she was murdered
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She took a drug
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Marilyn was killed by the fascist group within CIA, FBI and Govt. She was killed by the same people who also killed jfk, rfk, dorothy kilgallen, and dozens of witnesses of jfk murder. Refer wikipadia for the circumstances of the murders of  Marilyn and Dorothy and see the similarities. Kennedys had nothing to do with her murders. After rfk left Marilyn's residence at around 10 pm and before her housekeeper returned at around 10.15 pm the mafias sneaked in to Marilyns bedroom and killed her by powerful suppository supplied by CIA fascists. Marilyn was killed because she came to know the details of proposed plot to kill jfk. Though the possibility of sexual encounters between jfk and mm is not ruled out there were no affairs whatsoever between mm and jfk/rfk. 95% of the materials about marilyn appearing on internet consist of lies and false/fabricated storeys and don't read it. Marilyn was a very good person and she would never embarass Kennedys by holding a conference. She was sympathetic to communists but she was never a spy. Some of her photos taken after death but before autopsy indicated she was murdered but they were confiscated. Some people describe her as prostitute but believe me she was not and only pimps will do so or believe it.
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She was found dead on August 5, 1962 around 4.25 a.m. At her home in Brentwood, Los Angeles, and she was just 46 years old. His death was reported when the LAPD police sergeant Jack Clemmons had received a call of help from her psychiatrist, Dr. Ralph Greenson, saying she was dead. According to the autopsy, she was found out to be drugged with Nembutal and Chloral hydrate, found in her stomach. Her death was stated as a suicide but some conspiracy theorists outrageously stated that John and Robert Kennedy could have been the cause of her death, and even CIA and the mob was involved as well. Many thought that someone must have forcibly put the drug inside her mouth, that had dissolved into her bloodstream, and that leads to murder.
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People say she killed herself by using to much drugs but I think that she broke some1 heart and they gave her drugs so that she would die
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Consperices say that marilyn had died from a killing from someone else..

People still say to this day that it was the JF kennedy and robert kennedy.
They also say that they killed her because she "knew to much".

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