CELEBRITIES EFFECT ON TEENS LIFE.. HELP ME!? Im Just Making A Survey About Celebrities Influences On Teens.. So My Question Is: 1. Do Celebrities Affect Teenager's Life? If Yes, How? 2. Are They Good Or Bad Models? I Want Your Opinion Guys


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Of course its all about how the teens adopt to any influence.. For we all are different.. Just like teens.. Personally growing up I was never influence by celebrities.. Simply because I wasn't into them.. I was more on anime.. Lol!!.. And it did influence me.. Cut myself jumping and landed on my head. Haha so if a teen is into celebrities.. Then she/he can be very well influenced.. And if its good or bad?? It still depends.. On how she understand and interpret it.. I say.. It has something to do with parental guidance.. I have grown up deciding on myself.. My parents weren't always there.. But they taught me well.. And so I wasn't influence much of bad things.. 

its a very wide topic... What model?? Model on what area?? Fashion?? Commercial?? And teens?? What culture?? Lol am I making it so complicated??.. Haha sorry.. I don't want to be rude her.. I'm just saying what I think.. I strongly believe in our difference..
all I can say is.. If parents were good enough their children would be lesser problems..
if they weren't guided I say influences can be bad.. But it really differs.. I hope I was of help.. Even though I think I wasnt haha sorry.. But that's my opinion.. =)
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I'm a 14 year old girl and I would say that celebrities have a huge impact on teens because whatever teenagers do they see celebrities, I'm magazines, news papers, computers and on tv.
I think this can effect teenagers in different ways.. For example:
Some teenagers may see celebrities and think that they have to  look  like that to get somewhere in life so they strive to look " perfect " and act "perfect ".
However some teenagers may look up to celebrities and be inspired to achieve something.. For example start dance or singing lessons.
So I suppose you could say if the celebrity set out a good example then they would be a good role model and could teach children and teenagers what they could achieve instead of showing them how not to behave.
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Yes, because they want to be like them, and some are good models like Selena Gomez. And others are not so good-like Miley Cyrus and Amy Winehouse
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I do believe that celebrities do affect teens, especially females. There are a few good role models out there but I think that most of them are bad models. I believe this to be true because they promote the fact that it is a good thing to starve yourself to make yourself skinny. They make younger girls believe that diet pills really do work and so on.

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