Are Pop Stars Bad Role Models?


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As far as I know, you asked exactly same question before, which was Are Popstars Bad Role Models?
And my answer still remains same. This time I'll be including some links too.
Do visit: Article on Pop stars as role model,
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If we take a look at most of the popstars behaviors, they really are bad role models. Not only some Popstars but also some actors. Although they did some good things but socially they have spoiled habits mainly because they are too pampered or they are not binded by their society to follow normal rules that an average person follows in their societies. Although they can be made models because of their talent and interested people can learn hoe to acquire their talent but following them in other activities is usually not advised.
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Man this is the best answer EVER!
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Thank you so much Lakamett for your nice words, They mean a lot to me!
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Well it depends who it is. Miley cyrus is an example. She is on disney channel. Yet she is one of the worst role model EVER. People like Ashley Tisdale is a pretty good role model. Just because they are pop stars doesn't mean they are bad role models. If you want to tell if pop stars are good or bad role models are. 
  1. What they stand for and believe in.
  3. How they are known around the web, mags, t.vs, etc.
  5. If there are rumors
  7. And if you will follow in there footsteps.
  Good Luck!!!! Who's your role model?? Lol.xo
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I think that pop stars can be bad role models at times, what with their drug abuse and such. But I think its important to remember that they live their lives in the spotlight, and so what they do is magnified making it seem 100 times worse than it actually is you know? I'm not saying that the bad things should be overlooked because of this- I do think that they should face the consequences that any normal person would, but they should be allowed to dress however they want, keeping in mind the audience that they are targeting. I also think that the question of whether pop stars are good role models or not, really depends on you as the audience. If you allow them to be your role model, that is your choice- so you are letting them influence you, in good ways or bad.
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