Where Can I Find Pop Stars Phone Numbers?


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Unfortunately, this information is not readily available
Celebrities enjoy their privacy just as much as the average person. Given that they are in the public eye, celebrities cannot help stories, news articles, online content and other information from being made public. Since it is the case that privacy is a bit harder for celebrities, they are very keen to keep their phone numbers private.
You will not be able to find a true list of pop star phone numbers online or anywhere else. It is most likely their home numbers and cell phone numbers are all blocked with privacy options both from the service provider and additional security through their managers.
For those who idolize pop stars, your best bet in showing this is through online resources like forums, Twitter, and Facebook. You can start your own fan club site, join their official Twitter and Facebook pages and feel closer to the pop star. You will not however, be able to find their real phone numbers online on any site, even their official celebrity page.
The celebrity page may provide an 'about' page giving background details, but the phone number and their address is not going to be included. You could try searching public records, but again with privacy issues most celebrities try to block all public records that they can.
If you are truly obsessed, you may try to find where they will be and try to clone their phone, but that is most definitely illegal. You are far better off with living with the fact that celebrities such as pop stars deserve privacy and that their phone numbers are part of what they will keep quiet in their lives. It is one aspect of their life they can control and thus they do so with a lot of work.
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