What Were These Driving Toy Games Called?


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This toy was a driving game; it was a little hand over apprehended shopping arcade prepared for a time in the 1980s for small children.It looked similar to a facade of a car with small head lights that turns on in the backside. The facade of it had a small screen, a direction-finding steering wheel, a mechanism shift and a little black key revolve on knops to rotate the display on as well as play a game of driving a car on a street in the display.
The direction-finding steering wheel is use for routing the car in the display and the gear shift is encouraged up or downward for driving quicker or slower.

The backside of the small arcade is red somewhere the cover and head lights are. As well as the facade anywhere the child plays the game is black.There is also a key to press on to revolve on the head lights.Does everybody identify what this toy arcade driving game may possibly be called moreover what corporation prepared it? I feel its blue box but I'm not confident.

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