How can I get hold of Justin Bieber's management agency and/or PR company for promotional work?


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Unfortunately for fans of Justin Bieber, it’s difficult to get in touch with both his manager, and himself. A manager is there primarily there to deal with official matters relating to Justin Bieber, and not to get involved with fans and fan mail.

To get in touch with Justin Bieber’s manager is going to be difficult. If you’re a professional getting in touch with the manager for an official reason, then you’ll already know how to get in touch with his loyal team.

For fans, however, it’s difficult. The first thing you might want to do is ring up the record label and see if there is anybody else you can speak to. If they give you the contact details for the manager, then you’ll be sorted. If not, then that’s something you’ll have to accept!

One of the word’s most loved teen pop singers, Justin Bieber, is often the dream contact for many teenage girls. However, Justin Bieber’s manager gets just as much attention as he does. With people wanting to use the manager to get in touch with Justin Bieber in the hope of a conversation with him, it’s no wonder that they will be selective over the phone calls that they accept!

Justin Bieber’s manager is obviously somebody people want to contact if they want to use Justin Bieber has a guest for charity, large organizations or for television. Justin Bieber’s manager deals with all requests of the star, meaning that it’s essential that they are contactable only for genuine requests.
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When I heard that Justin Bieber was going to be at the Kids Choice Awards I started crying because he is a very talented musician and I have always waited to hear what show he was going to be on and when and I always watch it. Thank you for reading this. One day I hope to be a lucky girl and meet him one day.
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I'm turning 15 on May 13 but I'm having my birthday party on May 15 which is a Saturday....and I my only wish is to have Justin Bieber perform...I ha never had an actual birthday party...please make my wish come true...and I live in Renfrew, Pennsylvania..
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Hi so I went to elementary school with justin and I moved to the kamen 2 years after I went there so I want to get hooked up with him again. Can you give me his # PLZ I want to hook up with an old friend. I promise... I will do a lot for it.
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Lsn first  iam not a fan of justin bieber ok second I want to give an idea for the manager of him to get more money and  more fans so only that's it if you want to know it will I will be here and I am not that big girl iam a 12years old girl  that has an idea only ok . Bye :|
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Hey, I need to get a hold of justin. My friend and I are having our sweet 15s:p together and we want him to come perform.. If you could pleasseeeee give it to me. Like no joke thats why I want it
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Listen, its not the 561 numberrrr! Thats my best friends phone and shes really getting tired of people calling her all the time. Its stupid. Stop or she'll report you. Thank you.
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Well I know that the fan hot line is 14046653410 and I got another number to contact his manager at 18887523532 but I haven't tried it yet so if you have any luck please leave me a comment. LOL
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Ummm...the number 404 6653410 is a fan line and I havent tried the 2nd 1 and dude leave the poor boy ALONE!!!! He doesnt want you guys BLOWING UP his phone!!!! I bet you wouldnd like that....thats why he has a FAN LINE and doesnt give you his real number!!!!!
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I don't really know, but I'm mad about justin bieber and I tell you this, he is the perfect match for a girl like me !
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Justin bieber is my friend and we just started going out like last week anyways I am on tour with him and I know his personal phone number and scooter is helping me wit my career
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HEy i want to hook up with him again. WE went to elementary school together. And i want to hook up with an old elementary school friend
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Can you help me to contact him it is something ergent. Plz
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I mean Justin Bieber My sister is Special Needs and she has Cerabel Pousey I don't know how to Spell that But she is Hoping for you to come to Our Birthday party I know thats Nearly Impossible But I just wanted to Try.
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I think all  these # are fake people just like to see you be stupid and try it now I don't have his # but if I did I wouldn't tell because its ard to do work while you bien harrased all the time trust me I might not be famous but still, people get a kick out of seeing yall be stupid, it just goes to show nothing in  this world is real anymore cus all yall care about is trien to be justin bieber's girl well if your supposd to be his girl I think yall would be together not tryin to be a party pooper but I do make my point.
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How bout you just search on google justin biebers manager and go to one of the links to have him set up at an event. I have it bookmarked.
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Dear justin bieber
could I please have your cell phone number
and your house number  and I promise I wont tell anybody
love mariah

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