Who Plays Bubble In Absolutely Fabulous?


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Jane Horrocks, a veteran British actress having appeared in over 60 Television appearances, film and voiceovers plays the part of Bubbles, in 35 separate episodes of Absolutely Fabulous. She even plays the parts of Katy Grin a lively TV personality and Lola an analogy of Dolly Parton.      Born on the 18th of January 1964 in Lancashire, U.K., she has attended at both the Royal academy of Dramatic Art and the Royal Shakespeare Company. She is a mother of two, Dylan and Molly, and is living with Nick Vivian a writer. She has even had a play 'The Rise and Fall of Little Voice' expressly written for her.      She has voiced characters in both Chicken Run and Corpse Bride. Her vital statistics are 32-24-34. She is currently playing the lead character of Prime Minister Ros Pritchard in the TV series "the Amazing Mrs. Pritchard".         

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