Lets Have A Game With Happy And Sad Music When You Hear The Happy Music Play Your Rhythm Stick Or Clap Just As You Did Before Like This?


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"Let's have a game with happy and sad music.  When you hear the happy music, play your rhythm stick or clap just as you did before like this," are the opening spoken lyrics on the song 'Sierra Leone' by Mt Eden. The words are spoken over the top of the introduction to the song in a muffled style. You can listen to the song on YouTube by clicking the following link:
It is not clear what the lyrics mean and there are no clues as the words have not been used before in a different context. This genre of music is called 'dubstep' and is popular in clubs because of its driving rhythm and deep, resonating bass sounds. Dubstep is usually made electronically with 'sampled' sounds as opposed to musical instruments and it is quite repetitive in nature. Dubstep music does not typically have spoken or sung words as this usually distracts listeners from the rhythm -  the point of dubstep. The repetitive drum and bass drives the song. It may be that the lyrics were used because they sound quite rhythmic on the record and speak of rhythmic movements. The song 'Sierra Leone' was written by Mt Eden, a dubstep and drum 'n' bass producer from New Zealand. Mt Eden is well known for producing his own songs but has also worked alongside many popular recording artists such as Madonna, Sigur Ros and The Prodigy, remixing some of their songs into the dubstep style, giving them a different sound and making them more useable in a club context. Mt Eden has recently released an album imaginatively called 'Mt Eden Album' that includes some of his own tracks as well as his remixed work with other artists.
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Mt Eden Dubstep - Sierra Leone

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