What Was Bing Crosby's Real Name?


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Harry Lillis 'Bing' Crosby is Bing Crosby's real name. Born in the May of 1903, he is still considered on of America's top singers, performers and actors. Some go as far as to out him in 'holy trinity' of music's ultimate icons; along side Elvis Priestly and The Beatles.

Crosby is one of the rare performers whose music and movies seemed to be doing well all at the same time. He is known for introducing a totally new style to singing and music. He did this by interspersing his songs with occasional whistling, humming and rhythmic improvisation. Not only is he said to have set up a totally new manner of performing but of also paving the way and influencing future singer like Frank Sinatra, Dean martin, Perry Como among others. It is believe that till date, Crosby's voice has been recorded the most number of times.

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