What Happens On Make It Or Break It Season 2?


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If you have missed some of the episodes in the second season of Make It Or Break It, you’ll want to get back involved to see the latest goings on with Payson, Kaylie, Lauren and company. Throughout season two, one of the main storylines has been the end of Payson’s career as a gymnast as she knew it. Trying to accept her new-found fate, she tries to get into a normal routine but her world is shook up again when she realizes that there could be a chance to get her old life back. As a result, she finds herself being a pioneer for innovative surgery to fix the problems with her spine, but even after the recovery time she is disappointed to find that she’s lost the flair for being a gymnast she once had.

While Payson tries to explore other gymnastic opportunities and develops a close bond with Susan, Kaylie is having problems of her own as the prospects of being a National Champion begin to fall out of her grasp. Struggling with her own identity, she begins to succumb to an eating disorder that’s slowly beginning to make her unwell. After going into rehab but not being interested in the treatments for her disorder, she is persuaded by some of the new friends she makes to get back out into the real world and to continue with her career. This attitude soon changes when she realizes that one of her closest friends, Maeve, died from a heart complication that was caused by the same condition.

There’s plenty more thrills and spill to be seen in Make It Or Break It, not to mention a shock finale involving Emily. Why not wait for the box set or watch out for repeats?
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Hey friend if you want to know all the details try watching the show on youtube or get the story from google...These two sources always help..

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