Who Sings That New R&B Song "Down By The River"? I've Only Heard It About 2 Times


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The most recent R&B song with those lyrics in is ‘The River’ by Noel Gourdin. It is the artist’s debut single and was released August 27 2007. The track contains a sample from Millie Jackson’s ‘How Do You Feel The Morning After?’ and the two songs share the same chord progressions and have a number of melodically similarities. During 2008, the single was in the Hot Adult R&B Airplay for 15 weeks and peaked at number seven. In the R&B/Hip Hop chart the song reached number 23 and remained in the chart for 22 weeks. ‘ The River’ by Noel Gourdin was featured in the film Welcome Home, Roscoe Jenkins.

Noel Gourdin is a soul and R&B singer who was born in Brockton, MA. Gourdin was a high school student in Boston and performed in talent shows and worked for the Boys and Girls Club. He signed a management deal with Stalin Entertainment in 2002 and a production deal with Trakaddix. He contributed the song ‘Family Reunion’ to the soundtrack of ‘The Cookout’ and was linked to producer Kay Gee. By the age of 24 he has met with Sony Urban leading to a summer showcase and a deal with the company.

In 2008, Noel released his first album ‘After My Time’. Two years later the singer joined forces with Mass Appeal Entertainment. He is currently working on his second album that is due for release in 2011. His new album, ‘Fresh: The Definition’, is set to be based around the implementation of live instruments, such as strings, horns, bass, guitar and grand piano, alongside organic production and lyrical content. Gourdin has suggested that he wants his album to be reminiscent of classic old soul by still relatable to current music and lyrics.

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