Who Are The Members Of The Rangers Jerking Squad?


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Julian, Langston, Day Day, and Spotlight.
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Depending on which Ranger$ version your looking for. The "Go Go Power Rangers"
was a group of six people.<br><br>

Go Go Power Rangers: Julian, Langston,Corey, Day-Day, Spotlight, Ceejay, Miles, Spank(Niffy),Frank.<br><br>

Those were all of the previous members that was formed last year of
2009, but due to some financial problems a couple members left the
group. Which are CeeJay, Spank(Niffy), and Frank.<br><br>

With those three leaving the old formerGo Go Power Rangers group they
formed their own little crew called Jinc Ent. Which stands for  Jerk Incorporate
Entertainment, with their slow rise to the top the linked up with the
famous group called the New Boyz to expand their new founded group name
known out in the public.<br><br>

The old group Go Go Power Rangers started to notice the rise of Jinc Ent was coming quicker then it normally should
the grew curious why they are getting reconized so quickly. A T.V station used a mix up
and stated that they was the crew called the Go Go Power Rangers and caused
them to engage a war with one another. So as the real official group
sat back and witness it they broke off the name and decided to make themselves The Ranger$.<br><br>

The Ranger$: Julian, Langston, Spotlight, Day-Day, and Corey<br><br>

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