Who Are The Members Of Aerosmith?


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Aerosmith, frequently considered as "America's Greatest Rock and Roll Band", comprises of Steven Tyler on Vocals as well as on pianos, Brad Whitford on Rhythm Guitar, Joey Kramer on Drums, Tom Hamilton on bass guitar and backing vocals, along with Joe Perry on Lead guitars and backing vocals. Aerosmith is a prominent American Rock band; they are also known as 'the bad boys from Boston' however none of the band members are actually from the city.

The formation process of the band had actually begun during the late 1960s in Sunapee, in New Hampshire. However the actual band line up was finalized in the year 1971. Aerosmith has majorly influenced many of the now top rated rock acts; these acts include Metallica, Skid Row, Bon Jovi and Van Halen.

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